quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2012

Preparação para o "F3F World Championship at Rügen"

Preparation has not gone smooth as imagined at first. The plan was to explore sea slopes during summer and to train together. That was not the case. The flying was apart because of holidays at different locations. So me, taking advantage of being family stuck near "praia da Foz" (Foz beach), the beach that Franz Demmler pointed to be "similar conditions" to the ones at Rügen, had plans to flight a lot. Not. Wind was blowing only at times in the afternoon, and for two occasions is was especially strong. But the slope is VERY different from the one I'm used to. First I didn't see the slope from the point I Was standing. It (the slope) goes forward and backwards along the beach line, also it has some "holes": areas were the slope is very step and others were the inclination is smooth. So I flight all the time avoiding diving because I couldn't see the model. Also the lack of reference points made life difficult. Back to my usual slope I did some really fast times with stong afternoon winds. So, now, I'm a bit worried: am I only fast at my slope?

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